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Manuka Honey Is Special! 

Have you just heard about Manuka Honey? Are you wondering if Manuka Honey for treating eczema on your feet will works? Then you’ve found the perfect article. So read on!

Manuka Honey isn’t a new product but it’s suddenly been all over the internet and papers for its healing properties and how beneficial people have found it in the treatment of eczema. The application of Manuka honey to the skin is thought to be helpful in killing harmful bacteria and reducing eczema outbreaks and flare-ups. 

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The ultimate guide to Eczema creams for babies!

We are proud to announce at long last our Top 10 Creams for babies with eczema.

The ultimate guide, after careful testing and selection we have narrowed it down to 10 of the best creams for baby eczema.


They are not a cure, but will help reduce your babies itching and keep their skin moisturized. This will help them sleep better and reduce infections.

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