is the ocean good for eczema?

Is Ocean water good for eczema? We found the answer!

For hundreds of years, people have flocked to the seaside and beaches to get their share of the oceans healing powers. But Is Ocean water good for eczema? That’s the question we wanted answering.

Many people visit the beach as a way to heal their body and mind. People who suffer from illness and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis are always looking for a good natural treatment to help manage their condition.

I can totally understand why the would want to. As a sufferer of eczema for the past 47 years, I myself have searched for that natural cure for my eczema. One thing I have found is that there is NO CURE for eczema, if there was a one fix solution then no one in the world would be suffering today with eczema.

We can, however, help manage our condition the best we can. Using the power and natural minerals that the sea provides is one more weapon we can use in our fight to battle eczema.

Did you know the ocean contains 40 natural minerals?

If you can’t visit the beach you could try and bring the power of the ocean to your home. We use DEAD SEA SALTS in our bath at home. We find them relaxing and very beneficial for treating out eczema.READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE!

Why is ocean water good for eczema?

Swimming in the ocean has benefits for eczema and other immune-mediated condition like psoriasis. Swimming in the ocean is a good form of exercise for those with severe eczema as they often struggle to exercise in the heat and chlorinated swimming pools.

The salt in the ocean will act as an exfoliant and strip away all the dead skin and allow your skin to naturally repair itself from all the damaged caused by itching and scratching.

Don’t get me wrong you will feel dry after swimming but that’s why you’ll also need to moisturize more than ever. We use two types of eczema moisturizer one for me DIPROBASE and one that works better for children on my son TruKids Eczema Cream.

Medical research

There is some evidence to support the idea magnesium absorption is beneficial for the skin of eczema sufferers this is due to the fact that magnesium helps retain moisture in the skin, the sea contains a natural source of Magnesium. 

Research has also proven that the oceans waters are a natural source of antiseptic which is good for open sores or wounds caused by scratching. That irresistible urge to scratch is just sometimes too much to resist. I know from personal experience.

Using seawater as a medical treatment even has its own name it’s called ThalassotherapyIs

Is Ocean water good for eczema? If our finding are correct then, YES!  It certainly has a calming effect on my eczema. I do feel dry after I get out of the ocean but after a good layer of moisturizing, I feel great. I feel like my skin has had one full exfoliating treatment and all the dead skin has gone. I also love the smell of the ocean on my skin.

is ocean water good for eczema

Meditation and relaxation

Swimming in the ocean is not only great fun it’s a great way to exercise without even realizing the benefits it will be having to your body, mind, and soul.

The weightlessness of floating in the water and the sound of the water all have a calming effect. Many people now use DARK SALT WATER FLOAT TANKS as a way to relax and de-stress. If you suffer from eczema you are fighting the condition on two fronts. The physical side of the condition, the itching, scars and appearance and secondly the mental side of the condition. This is where the ocean and sea salts can help. Anything that takes your mind off the condition is a good thing.

What I wouldn’t do some days just to have 30 minutes of not itching and not thinking about my skin!

We know using a Dark Saltwater float tank is not possible for everyone, I haven’t tried one myself, but I love my dead sea salt baths and swimming in the ocean when I’m on holiday.

If you haven’t tried one I highly recommend buying some Dead Sea salts today and have ago, it’s not very expensive and may just offer you or your child a bit of relaxing time at home.

Please make sure you follow the correct instructions for the amount of salt to be used in your bath.

Aftercare treatment

After you have been swimming in the sea or getting out of your relaxing Dead Sea Salt bath please make sure you moisturize fully whilst your skin is warm and damp

Our skin care treatment after swimming:

  1. Bath in lukewarm water. Hot water can irritate the skin and cause damage and flare-ups
  2. Pat the skin dry, do not rub dry
  3. Whilst the skin is damp and warm apply a good layer of moisturizer suitable for the individual ORGANIC MANUKA CREAM is a good all-around moisturizer for adults and children.
  4. Then us the DISTRACTION TECHNIQUE to stop you or your child from scratching off the cream until it dries into the skin. This can be anything from reading a book to doing the ironing. It doesn’t matter what, just take your mind off the treatment.

Final Thoughts

Like anything with eczema, there is no ONE FIX SOLUTION what may work for me may not work for you. It’s a very individual condition that affects people in different ways. While Dead Sea Salts and the ocean work wonders for my skin it might make you sore and itchy. So please forgive us if this article doesn’t work for you.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy your time at the beach or in the bath!


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