Lip Eczema Causes & Cures

5 Best Treatments for Lip Eczema

Lip eczema, also known as lip dermatitis, is a skin condition characterized by severe dryness, redness, and scaling of the lips. While badly chapped lips are caused by dryness, there are a true number of different factors that trigger lip eczema. In this post, we’ll explore some of these factors and discover the lip eczema treatments that are best.

Is (Eczematous Cheilitis) contagious?

“Like all forms of eczema, it is not contagious or infectious. The hardest part of having eczema on your lips is the physical appearance and debilitating effect it has on your mental wellbeing and your relationship.” – Eczema On Your Lips

Lip Eczema Symptoms

Lip eczema may appear similar to chapped lips but there are a true number of differentiating symptoms to look out for:


  • Itching or sensation that is burning
  • Scaling
  • Splitting
  • Red-Rash on or around the lips
  • Swollen-looking skin
  • Change of pigmentation

What Causes Lip Eczema?

People usually develop eczema around lips or on for different reasons. For some, it’s a total result of environmental factors such as chemicals found in lip products. For others, it’s due to genetics. It may even develop as a total result of habitual licking of the lips. While the trigger that is exactly unique for each person, here are some common triggers to watch out for:

  • A sensitivity to weather that is extreme
  • A family history of eczema or allergies
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Specific foods
  • Pollens
  • Irritants in soaps or house-hold products
  • Change in hormone levels
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5 Treatments for Curing Lip Eczema by

Best Treatments for Lip Eczema

We firmly believe that natural products are the most methods that are effective in fighting eczema. By eliminating harsh toxins to your contact, you reduce the likelihood that your skin will flare-up because of a bad reaction. Besides, chemicals tend to dry your skin out which is the last thing you want if you’re suffering from eczema.

Here are some of our favorite products that are naturally treating eczema:


1) Organic Manuka Skin-Soothing Cream


Containing only six ingredients, this balm is creamy soothing for all types of eczema. Itchy eyelids? Itchy elbows? Itchy knees? No problem – this skin-soothing cream can be applied anywhere on the body. Because of the oil that is olive beeswax, it’s gentle and nourishing and will not cause stinging or burning. Plus, manuka honey is known to have antibacterial properties. Finally, there are absolutely no preservatives that are added fillers – talk about au natural!

eczema lip cream, money back guarantee
Eczema Lip Cream by oureczemastory
Benefits of Puriya Eczema Honey on Lip Eczema


2) Organic Calendula Lip Balm

Natural and nourishing are the words we use to describe this soothing lip balm. With only three ingredients, it’s hard to describe it any other way. Calendula, beeswax, and vitamin E are all that is needed to supply the moisture to your lips they crave. Calendula is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory as well.

Intolerance Test oureczemastory

You can also try these home remedies for lip eczema if you’re looking for quick relief for irritated lips: Courtesy of

3) Coconut Oil

It’s no secret that coconut oil provides relief that is soothing inflamed or irritated skin as it is found in a variety of natural treatments. Like calendula, it is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. For optimal results, use a virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil.

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4) Sugar

Salt can be irritating for eczema, so we vouch for sugar instead of salt if you are planning to use a scrub as a lip eczema treatment. It’s the scrub that is perfect for dry lips. You can even use sugar that is brown cane sugar if you prefer a larger grain.

DIY Brown Sugar Exfoliating Lip Scrub

5) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is well-known for its cooling effect on red, itchy skin. If using aloe vera, try to stay away from gels as they typically contain alcohol and other ingredients that are drying aren’t good for your skin. For soothing relief, simply break a piece off of the plant and rub it directly on your lips.

Aloe Vera Eczema Lip Soothing Capabilities

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Infinite Aloe Skin-Care


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Neosporin Eczema Essentials Daily Moisturizing Cream, 6 Oz

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  • Restores visibly healthier skin in just 3 days
  • Colloidal oatmeal protects skin and relieves irritation
  • Clinically proven to relieve itch due to eczema on contact
  • Steroid, fragrance, and antibiotic free
  • Approved by the National Eczema Association

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  • Daily skin moisturizer / Face and Body / Dry skin relief / Dry scalp Blemishes and wrinkles / Sunburn / Soften tough skin on feet (especially heels)Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy / Eczema / Reduce blemishes and scarring
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  • Shea butter has been used to help heal burns, sores, scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff, and stretch marks. It may also help diminish wrinkles by moisturizing the skin, promoting cell renewal, and increasing circulation. Shea butter also contains cinnamic acid, a substance that helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Shea butter is a effective moisturizer because contains fatty acids, which are needed to retain skin moisture and elasticity.
  • Common Uses: body, hair, feet, hands, skin, face, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, acne, skincare, rashes, toner, dry skin, itchy scalp, itchy skin, Skin Hydrating, Sensitive Skin

Shea Brand | Natural Lip Balm | Regenerative Lip Therapy | For Dry & Cracked Lips | 100% Organic Ingredients | Environmentally Friendly Container (Peppermint)

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  • NATURAL & ORGANIC: Made from all 100% natural certified organic ingredients, peppermint essential oil cools and invigorates, shea butter regenerates, coconut oil nourishes, beeswax protects. This lip balm will quickly become your go to for soft, long lasting, kissable lips.
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: We believe in making safest products on the market that can be used by everyone. Our products do not contain the following harmful chemicals or toxins like petroleum, SLS, PG derivative, no fillers or synthetic fillers.
  • POWERFUL & SIMPLE: We use a simple blend of ingredients, when combine create a power synergy that hydrate, invigorate, repair, protect, nourish and soothe lips. This blend is specifically created for cracked and dry lips by stimulating microcirculation beneath the skin.
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  • LIP CARE: Renew your lips with Burt’s Bees Medicated Lip Balm to temporarily relieve the pain and itching associated with cold sores and fever blisters
  • MOISTURIZE: Infused with butters and nourishing oils including Eucalyptus extract, hydrate and sooth dry lips
  • MEDICATED LIP BALM: Containing 0.9% Menthol, just one swipe of this conditioning lip treatment will ease discomfort
  • ALL NATURAL: Enriched with 100% natural ingredients, this natural lip balm is formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS
  • LIP BALM 2 PACK: Specially formulated to cool and calm lips with natures touch, this medicated lip balm is the perfect moisturizing relief you’ve been looking for

Flexitol Lip Balm, 0.35 Ounce Tube (3 Pack)

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  • HEAL CHAPPED LIPS: Flexitol Lip Balm is formulated to hydrate & soften severely dry, cracked, flaky, & chapped lips. Our unique, steroid-free balm helps restore soft, healthy-looking lips.
  • SMOOTH & HYDRATE: This deeply hydrating balm helps moisturize & repair dry, flaky, chapped lips. Natural lanolin, cacao butter, & botanicals are combined with petrolatum to help protect & nourish.
  • QUICK RELIEF: Flexitol Lip Balm offers intense relief for severely chapped lips. Our fast-acting formula starts working at first application, leaving you with softer, glossier, healthier-looking lips.
  • CLINICALLY-PROVEN FORMUA: Made with urea & a blend of rich emollients, our lip balm helps soften dry, cracked, rough lips. Flexitol’s unique formula seals moisture in so your lips feel softer, longer.
  • KISS DRY LIPS GOODBYE: With Flexitol’s easy-to-use angled applicator, you’ll be kissing chapped, cracked lips goodbye in no time! Use as directed. Suitable for adults & children over 12 years of age.

Paula’s Choice LIP & BODY Emollient Treatment Balm, Beeswax & Shea Butter, Moisture for Eczema-Prone & Dry Skin, 0.5 Ounce

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  • TARGETED RELIEF FOR ROUGH LIPS AND SKIN: This rich, emollient lip balm offers on-the-spot relief for dry, rough lips or for skin on the elbows, cuticles & heels to protect & heal dry, rough skin. Gentle enough for sensitive skin & skin prone to dryness.
  • Paula’s Choice LIP & BODY Treatment Balm offers immediate relief for dry, flaky lips, cuticles, heels & elbows. From first use, its long-lasting. soothing application visibly leaves areas prone to extra rough dryness feeling softer than ever before.
  • Unlike other lip balms and similar products, LIP & BODY Treatment Balm doesn’t feel thick or waxy, & is 100% fragrance & colorant free so it’s good for use on sensitive skin. Creates a protective barrier so lips heels & skin can heal, repair & hydrate.
  • Paula’s Choice products are made with YOUR SKIN in mind. Whatever your skincare concern, whether dryness, acne, fine lines, or sensitive skin; we’ve got a treatment line for you. The search for amazing skin care ends here. Finally, you found it.
  • Look to Paula’s Choice for highly effective skin care solutions for face & body. Our line of facial cleansers, exfoliators, toners, moisturizers, serums, eye creams, facial masks, sunscreens, body washes & more are made to care for every kind of skin.

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