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This mother shares her TOP 10 TIPS for baby eczema

TOP 10 TIPS FOR BABY ECZEMA- Please remember all Babies and Eczema are different and before trying any recommendations you should consult your Doctor. These videos are published to share helpful tips and advice and are not endorsed by

So lets share this amazing mums Eczema tips.

#1 Scratch mitts and sleeves. These are available in all sizes and can be purchased from places like Amazon CLICK HERE FOR PRICES. They protect the Baby from scratching and making the Eczema worse through the night. We found that it protects the babies from getting infection through scratching. Although we found with our child that they find ways to get them off and we had to resort to taping the Mitts on to try to stop this. Cool bedrooms also help to reduce scratching through the night.

#2 Bath more frequently, Lower temperature baths can help cool and give relief from the inflamed and itchy skin. It also calms the child down before bed helping them to fall to sleep quicker. Some babies and Eczema is made worse with more baths ie: Drys the skin out. As I got older baths really dry me out no matter what oils and creams I used. So like I said at the start of this blog, all Babies and Adults are different !!

#3 Moisturise quickly !! Within 5 minutes of getting out of the bath whilst the skin is warm and wet, Use the cream your doctor has recommended or cream you have been advised to use. My son and I use Diprobase. Steroid cream should only be used as advised by your doctor, it can make the skin tougher later in life. So stick to the RECOMMENDED dosage as per your doctors or manufactures instructions.

#4 Listen to your Doctor! We cannot stress this enough. Social media and Forums are found but we always recommend you talk you your doctor before applying any new creams or treatments. One of our TOP 10 TIPS FOR BABY ECZEMA and we believe the most important.

#5 Find out what triggers your Babies Eczema, Food can be a big part of Eczema and recent studies have backed this up. My own experience with my son proved that Milk can flare him up and also the environment. ie: Pets, smoke, central heating etc. You can get food allergy testing and this will help you cut out the foods that make the Eczema flare up. This information is very helpful and I cannot stress how much it will help you. You won’t believe how many foods can affect your Babies Eczema. Washing clothes in certain powders can also affect your Babies skin, Be Using things like ECO WASHING EGGS ( click here for details )can help reduce irritation from washing powders and clothes.

#6 Distractions.! Keep your child or Baby entertained to distract them from scratching. It’s very difficult if they’re having a flare up but the less they scratch the better. Once Eczema opens up your susceptible to infections and they are harder to cure and painful for your Baby.

#7 Cut your Babies nails regular. Simple but effective. Babies nails grow so quick and if you don’t keep cutting them they can scratch and open up wounds and sores. This will then keep them up at night and scratch more and its a downward spiral.

#8 Use chemical free and natural products where possible. I understand there more expensive but they are totally worth it and we see a massive improvement by using these. Who knows what chemicals are in some products and we know Eczema sufferers are more susceptible to these things. So the fewer chemicals we introduce to their skin the better and safer.


#9 Think about materials and clothing. Use cotton clothes which are softer and less irritant to Eczema sufferers. Again all children and babies are different. Clothing can affect temperatures and as we know keeping your Baby cool reduces itching.

#10 Be prepared! After bathing and washing have everything to hand to reduce the stress and help keep Baby calm. Creaming and applying medication can be stressful for the Baby especially when they are in pain if the Eczema is bad or infected.




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