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Why Natural products are better for you.

Everywhere you look these days, people seem to be turning to products which contain only the purest and naturally grown ingredients – and that applies to beauty products too.

But are they any better for you? Or is it just a marketing ploy to increase prices?


‘The most important factor when buying cosmetics is choosing the right product for you and your specific needs.

‘I also feel that labeling on some cosmetics and makeup can be terribly misleading for the public’. And some companies are labeling and marketing products as Natural and Organic to increase prices when actually they’re not.

‘For a product to be totally organic it would have to be bereft of any chemicals, including chemical preservatives. In fact, the majority of  ‘natural’ shampoos and conditioners all contain preservatives to make them last longer. So there is a huge difference between NATURAL and ORGANIC.

‘It’s also hard to be sure that each bottle of product is exactly the same as the next – in the same way as you won’t find two plants exactly alike in terms of size, colour, and scent.

‘Natural products are always going to be better because they work with the body, rather than masking its existing problems.

Remember you have 3 choices, Conventional manufactured products containing large amounts of chemicals which can affect everyone differently, Natural products which only have ingredients sourced from mother nature rather than synthetically and Organic products which go one stage further, they are produced with ingredients from mother nature that have had no interference in the growth of the ingredients or in the manufacturing stage from any chemical or fertilizers.

Understandably there will always be a difference in cost due to manufacturing procedures but this has to be weighed up against the benefit of using this product on your body. It’s not to say the most expensive will be best for you.

We are all individuals and finding the right product for you is the answer.!

Lindsey x

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