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Why natural colours in products are better for us.

Did you know in the world there are over 10 million colours?

This is made up of Light and Dark shades, Red, Green and Blue. All of these colours can be found in nature and the natural environment and natural objects. Even a single rock or stone can have over 10,000 colours and shades.

So why do we need to manufacture chemically enhanced colours when mother nature has every colour on the planet?

We all know the benefits of using Natural and Organic products and that the risk of using Chemically based products longterm is so uncertain. So why should we think of colour in our products any differently. Surely we can use the colours mother natural has given us in every stage of our daily routine.

Look at the colours in the image below, how many of these colours have you seen in cosmetics and hair dyes? There are hundreds of colours in this one picture alone all produced by mother nature.

So the next time you use a product, think about where and how the colour was produced and is this going to benefit your body or affect it negatively.

Let mother nature bring out the natural beauty in you.

Lindsey x


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