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Cracked fingertips

How many of you have painful cracked fingertips?

Lot’s of people who suffer from eczema have cracked fingertips. These are very painful !

Cracks form in the skin when the skin dries out and shrinks, causing them to split.These can be superficial and painless but unsightly, or they can be deeper and painful, and sometimes even result in bleeding, and open wounds, especially on hands and fingertips, which can lead to infections. Everyday tasks can become very difficult, painful and exhausting.

I get cracked fingertips every winter and it causes me lots of pain. It affects my every day of life in winter and affects how I live my life. For example, when I go to sleep I have to put plasters ( Band-aid) on the ends of all my fingers to soften them up overnight. At work, through the day I can’t hold or grip anything and have to wear gloves and cream my hands every 30 minutes or so.

People laugh at me at work and think it’s funny and say I look like Michael Jackson with white gloves on, but they don’t understand the pain I go through every day at work. When I return home I have to soak my hands in warm water which eases the pain and gives me some relief. In my dinner breaks, I sneak to the toilet and soak my hands in the sink to ease the pain.I can’t even help my wife wash up for sometime after I return home from work until my hands have stopped hurting. At night the pain keeps me awake and not to mention if I catch them on the bed end they make me jump in pain.

I could spend time every day explaining to every person I work with why I wear the gloves, but as an eczema sufferer, you get fed up explaining to people so I just make a joke about it and just get on with things. Another issue with Eczema on the hands is, I can’t grip anything. Unless I spit on my hands ( which isn’t very nice or hygienic ) but It’s the truth I can’t grip anything. So I need to wear gloves again just to grip boxes and do tasks etc. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life when you suffer from eczema, that effects you the most that people just don’t understand. These are the thing’s that get me down daily, it’s a total drain constantly on my physical health and my mental health. People who don’t suffer from eczema wouldn’t have a clue what we go through.

What causes cracked fingertips?

Well… Everyone is different and I won’t go into every reason why people get cracked fingertips, but for me, it’s simply the COLD weather. Cold weather is the main reason why I get cracked Fingertips. When I go on holiday to a warm country my hand and body for that matter are much better. I still have to cream every day don’t get me wrong, but I’m not in pain and the condition is manageable. Also, day to day things like gardening, washing up, cleaning etc affects them. My job can be physically damaging to my hands as It’s a hands-on job. However, if I have a couple of days doing paperwork, my hands dramatically improve. I can get some rest bite from them and try to repair the damage. However, two or three days repairing my hands can be ruined by 10 minutes of cold weather or wear and tear ( so to speak ) So take measures to protect them no matter how silly I look I.E: wearing gloves to do jobs most people wouldn’t is so important.

What can you do to stop cracked fingertips?

There are some simple things you can do to help prevent cracked fingertips and some remedies that are a little more extreme.

  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
  • Protect your hands when out in the cold, gloves, heat packs
  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
  • Cream your hands before bed and then wear gloves through the night to lock in moisture
  • Warm water, soak your hands throughout the day for instant relief


Cucumber can also be used to treat peeling fingertips. It will help keep your skin fresh, moisturized and smooth.


  1. Cut a fresh cucumber into thick slices.
  2. Gently rub the slices on the affected skin so that the juice absorbs well into the skin.
  3. You can also apply grated cucumber over the affected skin for about 30 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Repeat daily until you are satisfied with the results.

Use Natural oils for treatment

Natural oils are a great moisturizer for dry skin. Soaking your fingers in warm natural oils will deeply moisturize and nourish your skin. Being rich in vitamin E, it will also promote skin healing.


  1. Slightly heat up the natural oils in a microwave or double boiler.
  2. Pour the warm oil in a bowl.
  3. Soak your dry fingertips in the warm oil for 10 minutes.
  4. Gently rinse your hands with lukewarm water, pat dry and then apply some moisturizer.

MORE EXTREME METHODS: But well known to be used by ezcema sufferers

    • Paraffin dip
    • Super glue, yes it sounds very strange but it seals the cuts and locks in moisture
    • Bandaids and medical glue

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Whilst Eczema is one of the reasons why you get cracked fingertips, it may not be the only reason. Like I said at the start of this blog ‘ everyone is different’. Cracked fingertips can develop for a number of reasons, a number of vitamin deficiencies can contribute to cracked skin on your hands.


One vitamin deficiency that might cause the cracked skin on your hands is a deficiency in vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Deficiencies in vitamin C lead to a depletion of collagen in your skin tissue, which can lead to wounds and cracking. In addition, the loss of collagen prevents your skin from healing properly, so even small skin lesions on your hands could develop into larger noticeable cracks. The deficiency can also affect the skin on other parts of your body, and also harm your teeth, bones, gum tissue, blood vessels, and cartilage.

Vitamins B-1 and B-5

Deficiencies in thiamine, or vitamin B-1, and pantothenic acid, or vitamin B-5, might also contribute to cracking of the skin on your hands. Like vitamin C, these nutrients help the skin on your hands to heal itself. Without proper consumption of these vitamins, small hand nicks and cuts that occur as a result of your daily activity can fail to heal, potentially developing into cracks. Deficiencies in these vitamins can also cause fatigue, nausea and decreased cognitive functioning.

The Deficiency: Iron, zinc, and B vitamins like niacin (B3), riboflavin (B2), and B12. “It’s common if you’re a vegetarian to not get enough iron, zinc, and B12,” Blum says. If you’re skimping on essential immunity-building protein due to dieting.

The Fix: Eat more poultry, salmon, tuna, eggs, oysters, clams, sun-dried tomatoes, Swiss chard, tahini, peanuts, and legumes like lentils. Iron absorption is enhanced by vitamin C, which also helps fight infection, so combine these foods with veggies like broccoli, red bell peppers, kale, and cauliflower.

Natural oil’s

There are many natural oils that can help cracked fingertips, and below are a list of just a few that can help.


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