Our Eczema Story


Hello, my name is Carl and I have a Fantastic Partner of 15 Years ( Just Married ) Lindsey and 3 Amazing Son’s.

One of our Amazing boy’s suffers from Eczema. It’s a particularly bad case and affect’s him in his daily life, both physically and mentally. Our eczema story is not uncommon and we hear similar stories daily.

Everything he comes into contact with can affect his condition, even the clothes he wears and PJ’s he sleeps in.Washing powered can be particularly harmful if we use a different type and also the food he eats can affect his skin. After 19 Years of searching and using products recommended by doctors and friends, we are still searching for that miracle product that will cure or at least help him and his fight against Eczema.

What we’ve found is that most of the products we used that are high in chemical ingredients, which are bad for his condition. This got us thinking and using products that are Natural or Organic which reduces the risk of inflaming his condition. It makes perfect sense, why risk using chemical based products that you don’t know or understand the risks. If you have a condition, it’s just not worth the risk of making the condition worse just to look good or feel good in the short term? Think about the long-term effects.

Please don’t think I’m preaching to you, as I know everyone is different and If I could find that miracle cure that would cure my son for a day or two would we consider using it even if the long-term effect weren’t good? Maybe, I can only guess how my son feels each day about how he looks and feels.


We believe that supporting each other through the hard times can really help. You’re not alone and together we are stronger. Together we can share helpful information and tips to try to ease the pain of eczema. Eczema not only has a physical side, but also an emotional side that needs attention and treating. The carer can also go through so much suffering, self-doubt and guilt mean they also need support. I still suffer from guilt after 19 Years of caring for our son.


To simply help anyone who suffers from or cares for someone with eczema. Our main objective is to offer help and support, We’re not Doctors or medical professionals so always seek medical advice before trying anything new. We’re just caring parents trying to help others who have suffered due to this condition. We don’t make or sell any products ourselves, however, we do list products that you, our readers have recommended. Products from all around the world that has been tried and tested and has result and facts to back up what the manufacturer says and the promises they make to help your Eczema and dry skin, All recommended by eczema sufferers who have tried them. We research as many of the products listed as we can and believe them to be Natural or Organic. We also reach out for comments and feedback about any products you recommend or products you think would help others.

Hope you find something that works for you.

Carl & Lindsey x




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